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Shetland Office 23/07/15

There will be no Receptionist in our Shetland Office on the 23 July & 24th July.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If you need to get in contact please call our Kirkwall office on

01856 87 07 87

or send any emails to

Wind Farm Development

“Have you been involved in a wind farm development or planning enquiry about this?  If so we would like to interview you as part of a paper Georgette Herd is preparing for Herriot Watt University regarding public consultation in the planning process for renewable energy development.


We would be grateful, if you are prepared to be interviewed, if you would email our office with your contact details under the subject of Wind Farm Consultation.”

All interviews are completely confidential.

If you are interested please contact our Shetland office on

Tel: 01856 870787

Tel: 01595 690115

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