Executries Wills and Trusts

We offer advice in Wills, Estates and Trusts

Are you in need of updating your outdated Will or are you requiring to make a Will for the first time then we would be happy to help.

Please ring the office to make an appointment with us.

For your convenience we have added our Wills Questionnaire online form that can be filled in and submitted and also offer this as a download to be completed at your leisure then just either return by email, print and send or just print and drop it in to us.

Please ensure you read the Legal Rights information before completing the questionnaire.

Your full name (including any middle names)
Your date of birth
Current address
Previous address (if at current address for less than 5 years)
Occupation (if retired please put your former occupation)
Marital status
Name of your partner/spouse
Names of your children, their ages and their current addresses NB please include all children who are blood relatives and any adopted children.
If you have any children under the age of 16 you should consider appointing a guardian. This can be their other parent or a third party.

Your Assets

Please list your assets and write alongside the name of the person you would like to leave it to:

a.) House
b.) Second house
c.) Bank accounts
d.) Shareholdings
e.) Valuable items
f.) Pension
g.) Life Insurance Policies
h.) Any other substantial items
i.) Charitable donation?
Who would you like to deal with your estate – this can be a friend, family member or professional person. You may wish to use a combination of friend/family member and professional person. Remember your executor is dealing with your estate just after you die and friends and family may find this a difficult time.
Please name here the people or organisations you would like to receive money or items from in your estate and write beside their names the amount of money/item you would like them to receive.
After your executors have paid out the money or items listed above, if there is anything left who would you like it to go to? It can be divided amongst a number of people if you wish.
Previous Wills – please note that on the making of your Will we will automatically include an instruction to destroy any previous Wills. If you do not wish this to happen please write "Do not destroy" here.
Do you have any specific instructions for your funeral. NB where we hold clients Wills this is usually the first question we are asked by their family when they die. Please note that if you choose to have your funeral in Orkney there is no provision for cremation. Cremations can be carried out in Aberdeen but at additional cost.

Funerals can be prepared and pre-arranged by Orkney’s two main Funeral Directors John G Corse, Auskerry, Holm Road, Kirkwall, Orkney 01856 876285 and A Tait and Sons, Workshop, Dounby, Orkney 01856 771236.


Inheritance Tax – the first £325,000 of your estate will not attract any inheritance tax. Any amount in your estate over that will be charged at 40 % over that band. This may vary for couples.

If your estate is likely to be over this amount you may wish to take some advice from us on estate planning. We will be happy to provide this advice to you. Sometimes this advice can be complex and may lead to a charge over and above our fixed fees for simple Wills. We would be happy to discuss this with you.

Further information

If you wish a spouse, natural child or adopted child not to inherit from you, you need to tell us as there are legal implications of doing so.

From the information you provide to us we will prepare a draft Will and we would then be pleased to meet with you in the office or at your home to go over its terms.

Tel: 01856 870787

Tel: 01595 690115

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