Solicitors for Older People Scotland

Herd Law and SOPS members are an affinity group of Scottish Law Firms providing legal services to older people in Scotland. We seek to provide these services in a caring and sensitive way, and try to remove any fear older people may have about seeking legal help.

We all adhere to a comprehensive Code of Practice which includes a commitment to obtaining Legal Aid for older people where we can and otherwise charging reasonable fees. It is not widely known but there is a Legal Advice and Assistance scheme which is relatively generous to Scottish pensioners – including house owners. This scheme includes work such as preparing Powers of Attorney, Wills and Advance Directive (Living Will).

We believe issues facing older people and their families are much better dealt with by planning ahead to allow for the effects of ageing – and we encourage all our clients to do this. SOPS members engage with communities and groups all over Scotland giving free talks on legal forward planning. SOPS members collaborate with many charities, NHS bodies, local authorities and others interested in improving the lives of older people.

Find out more on the Solicitors for Older People Scotland website.

Tel: 01856 870787

Tel: 01595 690115

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